Gorky Park Ice Cream

The work on the packaging started several months before the launch of the ice cream, in preparation for the summer season of 2014. The new design aimed to reintroduce a product that was present at Gorky Park for as long as anyone can remember.


We wanted to make something fresh and yet with a friendly and playful heart, that would accommodate the cultural heritage of the Park.


Once it was decided that the different sorts of ice cream should use different visuals, but the same typographic element, many geometric patterns were tested before we ended up with the final set. The
main objective was to achieve harmony in the relationship between graphics, flavours, and the Park’s heritage. Eye-catching colours and patterns perform two tasks: they correspond with a feeling of each flavour and associate themselves with leisure, open-air and fun. Thus, the red and white spinning triangles bring a thought of a funfair and stand for the vanilla and chocolate flavour. Green uneven Polka dot recalls the rockabilly epoch and describes chocolate, and so on.


The typography remains consistent throughout and presents the product name, the flavour and provides nutrition information, as well as framing the Gorky Park’s logotype. A unique icon explains the type of ice cream inside, indicating the presence of glazing, eskimo, chocolate or a waffle cone.


The wrappings were printed on a traditional butter-paper using Pantone colours.