Books by the Sea
Issue 2

Editorial design of Books by the Sea—a newspaper about literature, reading and present culture commissioned and published by
the St. Petersburg bookstore Подписные Издания (pronounced Podpisnie Izdaniya). The publication embraces different types
of writing, such as reviews, conversations, essays and short stories.

This issue features, among others, an interview with Ocean Vuong, essays by Alexander Chee and Joan Didion, and the first publication
of a story by Evgenia Nekrasova. The letter “K” on the cover, assembled from falling book-like shapes, refers to the Cyrillic “K”
for Книги (Books) and responds to the theme of Issue 2, which focusses on the moment of pause, when motion comes to stillness.


289 × 420 mm; 28 pages

Typefaces: Fedra Alt Sans, Fedra Serif

Editors: Maxim Mamlyga, Arseniy Gavritskov

Project coordinator: Arina Gromyko

Year: 2021